Amy Mengel, Hatwix Founder and Principal

I help companies understand the customer lifecycle better so that they can create smarter processes around managing it and grow with less friction.

Retooling for growth can impact all areas of a business, from sales to marketing to product development to account management and internal operations. For nearly 8 years, I wore all of those hats (and many more) while building a successful SaaS company. I’m most proud of:

  • Building out a sales team and process that grew revenue 800% in three years
  • Creating a strong brand identity from scratch by intimately knowing our customers, product, and target market
  • Saving the company $80,000 in one shot by rebuilding business operations practices that let us cancel several vendors
  • Teaching myself WordPress in just over 2 weeks so I could completely overhaul, rebuild, rewrite, and relaunch our corporate website
  • Working with key colleagues to create our customer onboarding and retention strategies that kept churn below 6% annually
  • Running our marketing operation and developing a massive amount of sales and marketing collateral across dozens of channels: videos, case studies, email templates, direct mail pieces, sales scripts, presentation decks, tradeshow strategies, and more
  • Becoming a trusted advisor to our clients and to my fellow colleagues

Now, I focus on equipping businesses with tools and techniques to help them grow, serve, and retain customers — and make their own operations run more smoothly in the process. Hatwix launched in 2018 and works with clients in technology, professional services, and a variety of other industries.

Working in tech evolved out of my natural ability to network and nurture communities. In 2009, when social media was an emerging trend and nobody knew what to do about it, I organized Social Media Breakfast Tech Valley, a bimonthly series that brought together 100+ local professionals to hear national and regional experts speak on emerging platforms and strategies.

Running SMBTV connected me to fantastic people in the community and gave me the opportunity to consult with local media and financial companies on technology-focused communications strategies. (The funny thing is that now, a decade later, I’ve sworn off Facebook entirely and barely tweet.)

The first half of my career was spent in corporate America, at big companies like Lockheed Martin and General Electric, where I learned how to be a grown-up and have a job and work with smart people on hard stuff.

I grew up in a very small, very rural town in Western New York, detoured south for a while (Go Dawgs!), but now happily call the Capital Region my home.

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